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Timothy is Executive Editor of Homiletics ( as well as the founder and editor of HomeTouch ( He also serves as the Minister of Preaching and Worship at Henderson Community Church, just a few miles northeast of Denver, a very part time position that involves preaching on Sundays and attending some team meetings. A former pastor at Henderson (1984-1990), Timothy has also served churches in Wheat Ridge, Colorado; Minnesota; and Oregon.

He studied at Iliff School of Theology in Denver where he received a degree in Historical Theology. His doctoral studies at Princeton Theological Seminary were in the History of Christianity with an emphasis on twelfth-century crusade preaching.

He is the author of numerous articles in the religious press, and has published in the academic world in journals such as the Westminster Theological Journal and the Patristica and Byzantine Review. He is the author of Learning to Fall: A Guide for the Spiritually Clumsy (St. Louis: Chalice Press, 1998); You Know You’re a UCCer When… (Chalice Press, 1998); Lectionary Tales From the Pulpit—Cycle B (Lima: CSS Publishing, 2003); Community—You Shall Be My Witnesses (Abingdon, 2005); and Our Community Now and in God’s Future (Abingdon, forthcoming 2006).

He is now writing a travel book that describes the experiences he and his family had on their five month sabbatical to Europe, three months in Istanbul and Christmas in Bethlehem 1995.

A 900 page manuscript of a historical novel set during the first crusade gathers dust on his bookshelf along with numerous rejection letters.


Movies, crime TV shows, biography, 19th-century British lit., hiking, and writing.